Mushroom Growkit
growkitRotterZwamGrowkit2Convert your own coffee waste into oystermushrooms? You can do it in your own kitchen with our Growkit! Our mission: Everybody uses coffee waste to become a kitchen farmer

Coffee waste is a excellent breading ground for fungi. The oyster mushroom grows on it You don’t have to drink a lot of coffee. You work with small amounts of it. So you don’t need to hoard it. You can convert coffee straight out of the perculator, filter coffee, senseo pad and espressomachine! Isn’t that easy or great? De Growkit is a unique Dutch design of a company that has won the urban farm award in 2014. Comes with a wrap of recycled cardboard and the bucket is made of recycled plastic. Why plastic? Because you can use this Growkit over and over again. If we would use other material, the mushroom would eat it. Read how our mushroom Growkit works.